Live to eat or eat to live. When a hit is dangerous and that person’s disease at a moment of getting money so much then arise mind want to eat delicious food, but the food is dangerous for his health, so this person hit mindsets ‘ live to eat ‘ although he he profess mindsets ‘ eating for life ‘. How do you think your opinion.

Logic 3

On an object (any size) consists of infinite objects, objects that are very small, so that: 1/0 = infinity. Never mind that there are several objects objects, so: c/0 = infinity. Do you agree???

Logic 2

0 symbolizes emptiness. Emptiness can occupy any room (big or small), when the room is empty empty room some placed above also later merged then it will generate the void as well. So 0/0 = some = not sure. Do you agree???

Logic 1

An object can be divided into countless (infinite) so that the pieces are very small or the size of his neglected and this can be shortened to 1/~ = 0. If these objects are not only 1 but there are some (eg = c), then: 1/~ 1/~ … = c/~ = 0. So c/~ = 0. Do you agree.